Testimonials from Former Residents

A Lifestyle of Recovery

When I arrived at REMMSCO in 2009, I was finally ready to pay attention and follow suggestions. I was spiritually, emotionally, and financially bankrupt. REMMSCO directed me into a lifestyle of recovery. I learned to develop gratitude and appreciation for a new way of living. I became part of a fellowship. Today I am exceedingly grateful to trudge the road of happy destiny.


Eden, NC

A Safe Haven From Addiction

I am thankful for the opportunity to have been a client at REMMSCO. REMMSCO is the door that opened to help save my life. It was a safe haven away from the chaos and addiction that had me bound. All anyone needs to succeed here is a sincere desire to make a change.


Reidsville, NC

A New Way of Living

I came to the REMMSCO women’s house after treatment to learn how to live life on life's terms. I needed to take back what I allowed my drug addiction to steal from me. I achieved both of these goals and more before leaving REMMSCO. My addiction no longer had a hold on me, I had a hold on it. As a result of living a clean and sober life (almost 4 years), I now work at the Women’s house. I am able to give my experience, strength, and hope to women who come though REMMSCO with only their desire to find a new way of living.


Stoneville, NC

Change Your Life

REMMSCO has allowed me to be the person that I would like to be. Before coming into REMMSCO, my life was falling to pieces. I had lost employment, automobiles, license, and friends. My time in REMMSCO has allowed me to find who I really am and also has helped me to progress in life and become a better person. REMMSCO has saved my life and lives of others. I believe it was the support system of employees of REMMSCO and the people within the REMMSCO organization. It is a structured environment that teaches you responsibility and keeps you on track on how to progress in the world and everyday situations. Since leaving REMMSCO I have gotten my license back, purchased an automobile, received by G.E.D., and now am attending college and working on a degree. You have to want to change your life for it to happen. I cannot pay REMMSCO back enough for what they have given to me. Being in the house along with others in the same situation helps you to relate to the problem you have. If you would like to change your life, REMMSCO is the right choice.


Reidsville, NC