Men's House


Our History of Recovery

The REMMSCO Men’s House was established in 1981 by a group of concerned men and women in the local recovery community who wanted to make sure that there was a place for men who needed a more structured environment. Since its inception, hundreds of men have passed through these doors. Those who were ready to receive recovery have been able to transform their lives. 



The men’s house can accommodate eight clients at a time. 

There are two clients per bedroom, each having their own space within the room. There is a common living area, a dining room, and a full kitchen. A quiet room and a study are available upstairs where clients can sit and read, meditate, or concentrate on their recovery work in a quiet place. The covered porch on the front of the house is also available for socializing and relaxing between tasks and entertaining visiting family and friends.


Where to Find Us

The REMMSCO Men’s House is located at the following address:

108 N. Main Street

Reidsville, NC